Anonymous: im a girl and i have been best friends nothing more with this boy since i can remember and we do everything together and recently one of my really good friends has been flirting with him heaps and we are all having a sleepover tonight and i know its not my place to do anything but i just feel really uncomfortable and betrayed i dont know why and i dont want to lose either of those friendships but i really dont like this and i dont know whether i should stop it or let it happen. what should i do?

you are allowed to feel jealous, i think the best thing for you to do is talk to your friend (the one flirting) and let them know that it would upset you, or at least make you feel uneasy knowing that something happened. let them know that it would get to you, that is all you can do unfortunately. its obvious that you care about them both, and with your best friend you probably love him, not in love but love. and you dont want to see anyone come between that. maybe even the fact that you dont want to lose the attention he shows you?

either way, no harm can be done by talking. talking is a good thing!!

good luck sunshine c: xx

hey guys, want you to know that we are still here and we still want to hear what you have to say. we want you to know how wonderful you are! talk to us about anything, we will always try our best to help you out. or even if you just want a chat! lots of love sugarplums :) xx

Anonymous: im bi, and me and my ex girl friend split up over a month ago and she is fully over me i think but im still so in love with her its crazy! but we dont even talk and we havent seen each other since, she always makes status about how she want a cute relationship and wants someone to fall in love with her and i feel like sreaming out to her telling her that I WILL!! but i feel like she thinks im not good enough, shes alot more popular than me and i feel like she has removed me from her life :( help


it is her loos if she is going to behave like that when you are so willing! talk to her then, what is the worst that could come from you doing so?! let her know how you feel, maybe meet up with her so you at least still have the friendship :)

i dont want you to let her control you though, you need to make it apparent that you arent going to let her use you. and that you arent just there as a second option. if she says she doesnt feel the same way and isnt willing, then i think you need to try your best to move on. go out and meet new people! try new things! only good can come from trying!

i hope it all turns out the way its supposed to and that is the best for you, remember to think about yourself first!! xx

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